About Me

I’m a journalist and editor who has contributed to publications including The Guardian, The Times and The Sun, along with websites such as Aol.co.uk, the Huffington Post and Gizmodo.

With over 15 years’ experience across print and online I have covered many beats from hard news and technology to lifestyle features – though my current niche of choice is emerging technologies in Photography, Fitness Tech and STEAM Toys.

I’ve previously worked as news-editor at News Team International, an online news and technology consultant, Weird News Journalist for the Huffington Post and I’m the founder of Newslite.

My PR and corporate copywriting experience also means that I’m equally adept at identifying a news-worthy angle from your organisation and communicating this to news organisations, customers or stakeholders.

Publications I’ve written for:

The Times
Daily Telegraph
Daily Mail
Daily Express
Daily Mirror
The Sun
Daily Star
Sunday Times
Mail On Sunday
News Of The World
Sunday Mirror
The People
Take A Break
Woman’s Own
Pick Me Up
Huffington Post UK
Asylum (Part of Aol.)
Cool Photo Blog
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Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror



I have strong news and feature writing experience, having spent ten years contributing to a wide range of publications from the Financial Times to Take A Break -- via The Sun and the Daily Mail.

My writing style can be tailored to suit any publication, whether a tabloid national newspaper, a B2B magazine or lifestyle magazine and I'm equally happy writing a column or straight news.

I'm currently undertaking new commissions so if you'd like me to write for your publication, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

PR Writing

While working as a journalist and news editor I've seen thousands of press releases all vying for media attention. As such, I know what it is which sees some end up as page leads… and why others are destined for the newsroom bin.

Using this knowledge and experience I work with clients to help them gain media coverage by identifying and developing potential news stories before writing press releases to grab the attention of journalists.

Some of the organisations I've worked with have been astounded at the level of national and even international attention the stories we've produced have gained in traditional and online media.

I currently offer substantial discounts available to charities, community organisations and small independent businesses.

Copy Writing

Communicating your message effectively with your audience is key. That's why I work with organisations to create great content for websites, brochures, email newsletters and blogs.

Drawing on my journalistic experience I write in a style tailored to the job -- whether that means keeping to a corporate style-guide, appealing a certain audience or ensuring web copy is search engine optimised.

I can also work with organisations to summarise or rewrite jargon-filled corporate documents in to plain English and make them more accessible to the average reader.

Currently I'm offering substantial discounts to charities, community organisations and small independent businesses.


I frequently produce impact-grabbing images to illustrate my articles and corporate copy and am currently undertaking commissions in the Birmingham area.

My photographs have been used in numerous corporate communications materials and in newspapers ranging from the Mirror to the Guardian and on the front page of Aol.co.uk

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